Opening the Door to Success

7th June 2013

Growing demand keeps new Dream Doors franchisee counting the profits

Adrian Kay gave up a six-figure salary with a global electronics company to join the Dream Doors franchise, and he doesn’t regret a thing. He  had often dreamed of having a business of his own, ‘and, right from the start, he felt Dream Doors was right for him,’ he says. ‘He started in April 2012, and has been in constant growth mode ever since.’

Dream Doors co-founder Derek Lilly brought the franchise to New Zealand when he moved here from the UK in 2007. ‘Our core business is the refurbishment of kitchens’ Derek explains. ‘These are the areas that most date in a house, yet the frameworks are usually sound – it’s generally only the doors, drawer fronts and work surfaces that are worn. By replacing those, we can give customers a brand new look for a fraction of the cost of replacement.’ It’s a message that struck an immediate chord with value-conscious Kiwis – there are now nine Dream Doors franchise areas sold throughout the country, with room for more.

The message has struck home particularly in Christchurch, where Adrian opened his Dream Doors business. ‘Rebuilding has started and people are taking the opportunity to refurbish at the same time,’ says Adrian. ‘Ie chose to go with Dream Doors because it has an excellent, well- established brand. Even if we’d had the skills and contacts, if I’d tried to do something similar from scratch it would have taken me ages to get going. But with Dream Doors we were up and running from day one.’

Adrian feels the business is heading in ‘very much the right direction – the surge in recovery work is helping us grow more all the time. February this year has been his biggest month so far by a long way – he outstripped previous sales by 150 percent – and March could be better still. In fact, the February sales figures were $123,000. With profit margins of around 35 percent, that’s not bad at all for a business only nine months old!’

Although he is understandably proud of his business, Adrian is not the kind of person to stand still. ‘I’m a driven man and Dream Doors offers me lots of great opportunities to expand. Currently he has a lot of contractors handling the work and he’ll be looking to employ his own staff soon, too. Yet he still have the time and flexibility
to take the children to school – it really was the right move for me.’

Dream Doors is looking for further franchisees around the country. ‘You don’t need building experience, just people skills and organisational ability,’ promises Derek. ‘$30,000 will get you into your own business and if you’re not satisfied after five years, I’ll give you the lot back. How’s that for a dream deal?’