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Why you should choose a New Kitchen with Dream Doors Dunedin.

Our aim as a company is to design and build dream kitchens for our customers. By putting you at the centre of our business, we will ensure your new kitchen is as individual as you are.

We are passionate about providing outstanding kitchen design and workmanship and our extensive industry experience means we will only use quality kitchen materials, cabinetry and appliances. This is our promise to you from Dream Doors Dunedin, a promise which is backed up by a 10 year warranty guarantee.

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What will I pay for a New Kitchen?

A range of factors can influence the price of a new kitchen and traditionally this might have meant that your initial budget did not match the final pricing.  However at Dream Doors Dunedin we here to support you and will advise you on the factors which may influence pricing right from the start. These might include whether you choose a bespoke kitchen design which requires custom cabinetry build and choose higher end kitchen appliances such as a high spec oven or fridge/freezer.   In addition the size and layout of your new kitchen will affect the amount of materials required or the complexity of the installation.

At Dream Doors Dunedin we pride ourselves on our ability to make your budget go further.  By offering a free new kitchen consultation to every one of our customers, our Dream Doors consultants will come to your home and discuss your unique requirements in detail. Then, throughout the full new kitchen design and build process we will advise on the best ways to achieve your dream new kitchen at  a price that is also affordable.

Even if a brand new kitchen is currently out of reach for you, our Dream Doors consultants can assist you to plan an amazing kitchen renovation. Read more about this service here.

The Dream Doors Kitchen Design Stage:

This is where your dream starts to take shape. At Dream Doors Dunedin we understand the importance of great kitchen design and how a new kitchen design should suit your lifestyle.  A great new kitchen will enhance your living style and encourage that all important feeling of flow throughout your home. It should also allow you easy access to everything you need on a daily basis, so storage is an important design aspect and you may have specific ideas about lighting, flooring or kitchen finish. We can guide you through from start to finish so that your new kitchen matches your dream.

In addition the following aspects will need to be considered for your new kitchen design:

The Layout of your New Kitchen:

The role of the kitchen has dramatically changed in the last 20 years. It used to be a serviceable room, often separated from the rest of the house and concerned only with function. But now modern kitchens are welcoming, connected spaces which encourage sharing and socialising.  At Dream Doors Dunedin we are passionate about creating modern, amazing kitchens with this philosophy.  Depending on your room layout we may recommend a galley, U or L shaped kitchen layout to maximise the space available. There may also be other clever tricks we can use such as multi purpose kitchen islands or interchangeable kitchen counters, all designed to create as much space and flow as possible.

The Materials in your New Kitchen:

These include items in your new kitchen such as the joinery, splashbacks, cabinets and countertops.  There is a large range available and the choice can be overwhelming.  However at Dream Doors Dunedin we have the skills and experience to advise both on the best range available for your budget and how you can combine colours, range and finish to achieve the kitchen of your dreams at a price you can afford. For example you may choose to save money on the cabinets for your new kitchen but go for maximum impact by choosing a premium granite worktop. Our Dream Doors kitchen experience means you won’t go wrong with your combination of choices.

New Kitchen Lighting:

The modern kitchen is in use throughout the day and often late at night too. This means you need to consider your lighting options carefully. The amount of natural light available to the room and the height of the ceiling will also have an impact and we will assist you to create a lighting impact that isn’t too dazzling.  New low energy lighting solutions could also save you dollars on your energy bill.

Kitchen Flooring Options:

This is the element that will really bring your new kitchen together.  Well chosen kitchen flooring will complete the look of your modern new space. Kitchen flooring should ideally be hard wearing as this is a well tracked area of the home and and we can advise you on easy clean options that still look amazing. With an extensive range of flooring types now available you may choose a durable natural stone, a stunning hardwood floor or look for easy to maintain options such as a beautiful tiles in a range of colours and material options. At Dream Doors Dunedin we will walk you through the flooring options available to you.

Your New Kitchen Cabinetry:

This is where you can choose to make a statement with high gloss finishes or go for sleek lines and discrete styling. Perhaps you will prefer a modern Scandinavian design feel which has brought wooden cabinetry firmly back into fashion. Whether you choose to go for a warm, cosy feel or make a bold statement we will ensure you have kitchen cabinetry that will last.

The Appliances in your New Kitchen:

Choosing new appliances should not be treated as a separate process to your kitchen design, now the range of modern appliances available means they can complement rather than distract from your new kitchen design. Our Dream Doors Dunedin promise means you will still have room in your budget to afford the appliances that will suit your lifestyle and family demands.

Inspiration Ideas for your New Kitchen with Dream Doors Dunedin:

Great design comes from sharing ideas and dreams. We have created a gallery which will highlight the latest style options available to you in Dunedin as well as real life examples of amazing dream kitchens.  In the meantime give us a call to get your own new kitchen dream started.

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