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Kitchens draw together loved ones and friends. Its where you provide food for the family, and where you receive your wider family and friends. If you are considering a new kitchen, we are the people to talk to.  

At Dream Doors, we use our amazing kitchen facelift process to create you a wonderful new kitchen that you will just love to be in, and will inspire you to cook for everyone.  We have been in business for many years, and our people have considerable experience you can rely on.  This is why we are New Zealand’s trusted kitchen company.

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New Kitchen Costs

Depending on your choice of materials, size and design, prices range to suit almost any budget. Options include bench tops, cabinetry, appliances, backsplash, kitchen island, kitchen sink. 

The section below talks about the design stage with a little more depth, giving you a greater idea of the varying choices to consider and how costs are calculated.

New Kitchen Design

New Kitchen Design Bay of Plenty

From planning and material selection, to installation and finish, the kitchen design process is fabulously rewarding. Our experienced and professional team are available on the phone, in store or call us out to your home for a free consultation. After the initial consultation and budgeting, comes design completion, delivery, installation and after-care.

The level of involvement we have in your kitchen project is entirely up to you, we can take the entire project off your hands, or work together at every step along the way. You can rest assured that when you choose a Dream Doors Kitchen, you are ensuring that your kitchen project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Below is a  breakdown of some kitchen design stages in more detail.


We measure up your kitchen to draw an an accurate floor plan and cut materials to the perfect size. We will also take note of existing power outlets, sockets and pipes.


Most of our customers have an existing budget in mind and would like to know their choices and options to suit. We offer a huge range of quality materials and appliances to give you plenty of freedom when planning the kitchen of your dreams.

Once you know your budget, our designer can work with you to develop the perfect kitchen to match. When considering your level of investment, it is worthwhile thinking about the amount of time you will spend in the kitchen, and its uses i.e cooking, socialising and eating. If you plan on selling in the future, it’s also an idea to think about the added value a quality kitchen will add to your home.


Do you want something warm, humble and cosy? Or ultra chic and modern? Take some time to imagine yourself in your new kitchen, make a scrapbook of  ideas, or if you’re tech savvy, use the Houzz website. If our designer can gauge a clear understanding of what style you want, he can help identify and create the best kitchen for you personally. being specific on style will also more easily define choices of materials, tap, lighting, cabinet doors and benchtops. Check out our New Kitchen Ideas section below for more on ideas, styles and designs.


Design has to both consider form as well as function.  We are very experienced at kitchen design and our experience can help you avoid making mistakes.  Its really useful for you to draw up your own plans and collect a scrapbook of designs you like, and then discuss these with our designer to get their input.  Below are some questions it’s also helpful to consider.

        • How many chefs are in the household?
        • What is your style of cooking? Are you a gourmet guru, or a large family looking for speed and convenience?
        • What is the main use of the kitchen? Is it an open entertainment area or somewhere to escape from household noise and whip up some quick meals?
        • FOOD PREPARATION – The core function of a kitchen. Islands have become a popular choice in new kitchens for good reason. If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate an island, the food preparation zone would be great there – not only do they perform as the heart of the kitchen but they’re also great multi-taskers, and if socialising is important, islands offer a brilliant way to interact nicely with others in the room and keep open dialogue between the cook and guests.
        • EATING – Although some people will want to have separate dining areas, breakfast bars have become an extremely popular addition in new kitchens, especially in open plan design, they provide for a great casual eating space and are excellent for hosting snacks and beverages.
        • BENCHTOPS & BAKING – The area where ingredients and mixtures combine and come to life. This is all about  calculating bench space, materials appliance positioning and storage for ingredients and items to be close to hand.
        • APPLIANCES – Essential items include the oven, cooktop and fridge, often referred to as the magic triangle. Most people will want a toaster, microwave and kettle as well. It is recommended having a good sized range hood to minimise odours and steam. Its also worthwhile taking your time to think about placement of pots and pans, along with spices and utensils.
        • CLEANING – This is where the sink and dishwasher come into play, as well as the storage of rubbish, recycling and composting. The dishwasher will usually be near to the sink.
        • STORAGE AND ORGANISATION – An impressive choice of cabinetry, combined with new technology and creative space design means that kitchens are getting smarter about storage solutions without compromising style. Even in the most limited of areas, we can create an efficient, stylish and organised kitchen.
        • LIGHTING – Lighting is often heavily overlooked in kitchen design and it’s important to get lighting right. The aim is to bring in as much natural light as possible and well position artificial lighting.


As with styles, the colour scheme of a kitchen needs to be properly thought out and getting it right will bring a kitchen to life. Shades influence the look of your kitchen’s size: light and neutral colours make an area look bigger. Dark and bold colours make an area feel smaller. Your Dream Doors designer will be able to help you with this.

Textures add interest to kitchen surfaces and offer more contrast and appeal. For example, you may have smooth, marble tops, and carpeted cabinet doors.


It takes a few weeks for us to manufacture everything for a new kitchen, and typically only a few days to install everything, which really keeps disruption to a minimum.

If an event is coming up, or you have a specific deadline, it’s good to discuss it with Dream Doors when designing your new kitchen. This way, we can ensure that your project is completed in a timeframe that suits your needs.

New Kitchen Ideas

As you can see, planning and designing a new kitchen comes with a multitude of exciting possibilities.

Our team at is always on top of the latest ideas, styles and new kitchen technology. Our vast experience makes us a great sounding board for bouncing ideas off even if your project is still a little way off.  You are more than welcome to come into our showroom and discuss ideas.  You might also like to browse through our gallery to check out the latest trends and gather some inspiration!

Name: Kelvin Hall
Phone: 06 650 7715