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New Kitchen Renovations from Dream Doors Dunedin

Dream Doors are recognised as New Zealand’s experts in achieving amazing kitchen renovations.  Our company has revolutionised the kitchen industry by showing our customers just what can be achieved on a budget and without removing your existing kitchen.  Let us transform your tired and outdated kitchen by showing you just what is possible with us.

We put you at the heart of our business and with our unrivalled experience and expertise in kitchen renovations you can have the peace of mind that comes with choosing a renowned kitchen facelift company.  Dream Doors was created to bring kitchen renovation dreams to life and since then we have helped hundreds of customers just like you.

At the start one of our Dream Doors kitchen renovation consultants will come out to your home to discuss what we can do for you to give your tired old kitchen a new lease of life. Perhaps you just want a simple kitchen facelift, replacing old handles and doors or you may want to see what else can be achieved on your budget.  We pride ourselves on our honest appraisals and will work with you to stretch your kitchen renovation budget further than you ever thought possible.

Give one of our friendly team members a call today.  At Dream Doors Dunedin we are waiting to work on your kitchen renovation project.

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What does a Kitchen Renovation Project Cost?

An outdated kitchen that looks tired and overused will bring down the rest of your home, both in appeal and in value.  These days kitchens are central to socialising and coming together as a family.  If your kitchen is a place that no-one really wants to spend any time in, it will affect the enjoyment you have in being at home.  Turn this around with Dream Doors Dunedin and start a kitchen renovation project with us that will add back the value and appeal to your home.

You can improve your kitchen immeasurably by having a kitchen facelift.  Increasing numbers of home owners in Dunedin and throughout New Zealand are recognising that you can create a kitchen makeover without having to start again with a brand new kitchen and all the costs involved.  You may just need to replace the doors and countertops which will remove all the scratched and worn surfaces, you may have kitchen cabinetry which is mainly in solid condition but the layout and storage isn’t sufficient.  We can move existing units around, perhaps replace a couple with new cabinetry, maximising storage space and clean lines.  Now suddenly your kitchen feels a stylish and welcoming place to be again.  Your kitchen renovation needs will be unique and Dream Doors Dunedin works around you.

In terms of likely cost, a kitchen renovation project with us would usually cost in the vicinity of from $3k up to $15k for larger kitchens and more extensive renovations.  Compare this to some kitchen company quotes for a brand new kitchen and you will start to see why more and more customers are choosing to renovate their kitchen with the Dream Doors Dunedin team. We also find that this reasonably small investment in your home or property pays dividends when looking to sell, increasing the value by at least as much and usually more.

What is involved in the Kitchen Renovation Design Stage?

This is where the excitement for our customers really starts to build.  Using the latest technology you can see how your kitchen makeover is going to make a real difference.  By using your existing space and layout we will show you just what can be achieved on your budget and what the options are for the style and materials used in your kitchen makeover.

By focusing on the design of your kitchen facelift we will ensure that every opportunity is maximised to increase both the appeal and the storage solutions for your kitchen. Customers have been amazed at how much they can achieve with us by leaving no stone unturned in the design process. Even small kitchens can appear twice the size by using clever storage tricks which result in streamlined work surfaces and a clutter free feel.

We suggest the following points for consideration before we design your new kitchen renovation upgrade.  We ask you to consider how your kitchen is currently used, the flow in, out and around the room.  Are there places where clutter accumulates or areas which you feel are currently an eyesore? We will look at the current positioning of sockets and appliances to see if there is a better way to arrange the layout. Is the lighting sufficient or can we assist you to achieve an improvement here too? We will even consider the placing of smaller appliances which you may like to leave out on the countertop – kettles, coffee makers, toasters will all be part of the kitchen renovation design phase at Dream Doors Dunedin. That is our design promise to you.

Kitchen Renovation Projects – Design Ideas

Dream Doors and Dream Doors Dunedin was created to help our customers fully achieve their kitchen renovation dreams. Our customers range from home owners through to property developers and we excel in both residential and corporate kitchen makeovers. Many customers tell us how hard they used to find it to match their ideas to their budget.  At Dream Doors, our expertise and experience means we have every trick up our sleeve to take your budget further and achieve the kitchen renovation project you have always dreamed of.

Throughout New Zealand we have lots of kitchen renovation case studies to share with you so give us a call on 03 455 0030 to get inspired and see how you and your kitchen can become our next Dream Doors Dunedin Kitchen renovation success story.  We can’t wait to work with you and are waiting for your call.

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