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Our company’s success in completing amazing new kitchens or kitchen renovation projects comes from our emphasis on good kitchen design. You may already have lots of ideas and have spent time looking through online sources of inspiration such as Pinterest or Houzz, or you may not know where to start and are worried you won’t accomplish what you want on the budget that you have. Stop worrying! Our Dream Doors kitchen consultants and designers will work closely with you to meet both your individual needs and your budget. We have the skill and the experience to produce your dream kitchen design.

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Great Ideas for your Kitchen Design

Modern lifestyles demand more from a kitchen than ever before. Successful kitchen design incorporates both functional workspace and storage alongside creating a stylish yet welcoming space. There are almost limitless opportunities to remodel or build a new kitchen and huge improvements can be made on any budget. You can start by updating cabinets and worktops or choose to look at repositioning windows and room layout to achieve a fully updated kitchen.

Sometimes the choices can seem overwhelming. That is why our friendly and experienced Dream Doors Kitchen Consultants are here to walk you through the options available that are within your budget. To us, a successful new kitchen or kitchen renovation project is about exceeding both your expectations and your dreams!


The cost of Kitchen Design

Our point of difference is our ability to work with all budgets. Dream Doors Kitchens was built on understanding our customers’ needs and we are here to build your kitchen dreams – from simple, small kitchen renovations through to bespoke, custom built kitchens that will be the envy of all your friends.

There are several factors that will influence your budget and we will guide you through these in the kitchen design process:

  •  Kitchen Cabinets – the quality and range chosen and whether they are custom built for your space
  • Benchtops/Counters – the material you use and the finish provided
  • Splashbacks/Tiling – these can be a great opportunity to make a bold statement
  • Sinks/Taps – we can show you a large range to suit any budget
  • Appliances – range and pricing will vary according to your lifestyle demands
  • Kitchen Flooring – material and metres required
  • Lighting – often overlooked but an important part of your kitchen design
  • Electrical/Plumbing/Plastering Costs 
  • Other kitchen items such as waste disposal units, water filter systems or the latest instant boiling water taps also need to be factored in at the start.

Whatever your dreams, by building in all the costs at the kitchen design stage you can be sure you will achieve your vision for your kitchen upgrade or renovation project.

The Design of your New Kitchen

We work on all types of kitchen renovation projects and we are also experts in creating completely new kitchens too. If you are considering a new kitchen project give our team a call to see what we can achieve for you.

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